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Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability and Data Breach Insurance

Whether your company speeds along the information superhighway or maintains a minimal online presence, you need cyber liability insurance. Retail stores that take credit card payments, businesses that use Cloud storage, and IT firms that work on other people’s computers all need this type of protection. Of course, the extent of the protection you need will vary depending on your industry and the scope of your business. The experienced risk management experts at Village Insurance can help you assess your corporate cyber liability risks and needs, and we’ll also shop around to help you find the best value in cyber insurance.

Cycles of Cyber Risk

Most businesses take some form of action to protect their data, their employees and their customers from breaches in data storage. Are the measures your company takes enough to protect against data loss or a cyber attack? Losses can occur for a variety of reasons, and cyber crime is becoming more complex and dangerous all the time. You can’t successfully run a business off the grid, but you can get help from professionals like our risk management experts.

Today, a cyber attack or loss of electronically stored data does damage similar to what a fire or theft could do in previous decades. This isn’t the time to go off the grid. It’s time to find effective solutions to protect your corporate interests.

Protection in Case of Loss

It’s true that the best insurance is the insurance you don’t have to use. The worst insurance, however, is the insurance you needed and didn’t have. Companies that experience major data loss without a recovery plan in place often close their doors permanently within three years of that loss. Cyber liability and data loss insurance from Village Insurance can help your company avoid this fate. Available options for protecting critical data include

  • Basic cyber protection that includes online hacking protection alongside insurance against the theft or destruction of paper records
  • Extended cyber protection for larger businesses and public entities that require network and information security in addition to communications and media liability insurance
  • Broader, customized cyber protection for IT firms that require both in-house data protection and liability for managing client files and information

To learn more about cyber protection and minimizing your corporate risks, contact us today. We look forward to helping you protect your company’s future.